Front Street Books, 2008
ISBN: 9781590784969

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A month ago, Dane was on top of the world. He was a champion skier with a hot girlfriend and a bright future. Then everything collapsed, starting with him. Dane has Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a sudden-onset neurological crisis that’s caused him to lose control of every muscle in his body.

From an athlete who was in total control of his life, now Dane’s girlfriend has dumped him, his friends are MIA, and his family’s shuttled him off to a Florida rehab hospital. Lying in the bed, there’s not much to do but think, and there’s not much to think about but where it all went wrong.

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“Roe’s descriptions of wintry New York are stunningly beautiful. The protagonist’s frustrations about feeling out of control will resonate with teens, and the context of neurological rehab presents an original and challenging read.” –School Library Journal

“A tasty mix of drama and contemplation. . . . The combination of Dane’s arrogance and helplessness makes him an intriguing protagonist.” –Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books